Monday, June 6, 2016

Review: Still Alice

Still AliceTITLE: Still Alice
AUTHOR: Lisa Genova
PUBLISHER: Simon & Schuster
FORMAT: Paperback (UK edition)
PAGES: 351
SOURCE: Won a giveaway (Can't remember from who)


SUMMARY (FROM GOODREADS): When Alice finds herself in the rapidly downward spiral of Alzheimer's disease she is just fifty years old. A university professor, wife, and mother of three, she still has books to write, places to see, grandchildren to meet. But when she can't remember how to maker her famous Christmas pudding, when she gets lost in her own back yard, when she fails to recognize her actress daughter after a superb performance, she comes up with a plan. But can she see it through? Should she see it through?

Losing her yesterdays, living for each day, her short-term memory is hanging on by a couple of frayed threads.

OVERALL IMPRESSION: I had seen that this book was being made into a movie starring Julianne Moore and I really wanted to watch it, but I knew I wanted to read the book first. So I finally took the plunge and read the book. I actually flew through the book. It was great.

The whole topic of the story is sad, but it didn't have a gut wrenching, heartbreaking element that I was expecting. It's certainly not a happy story, but everyone is dealing with it and learning to cope with the situation the best way they can.

CHARACTERS: All of the characters were great. I loved the main character, Alice. It was really interesting to see from her point of view what was going on her head as she was dealing with her disease.

Alice's family members were all great as well. They had their disagreements with the actions they wanted to take with Alice, but I could tell that they all cared about her and were trying to do the best that they could.

COVER: I love the cover of the edition I read. It's simple and cute.

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