Review Policy

Please read everything before sending me a review request!

I will accept review requests from publishers as well as authors (Indie books are welcome as well).

I accept both hard copies as well as ebook copies (Kindle). Please note that hard copies are more likely to get read and reviewed sooner than ecopies.

Genres I prefer:
Young adult - Dystopian, romance, paranormal, contemporary, suspense
Chick Lit
Jewelry making books
Other Craft related books

* I am under no obligation to review your book, though if I accept your book for review I will give my absolute best effort to complete the review. Reviews may take 6 months or longer depending on the size of my review pile at the time of your request.*

My reviews will reflect my personal opinion of the book, good or bad, but I will remain respectful in my statements.

I am also willing to do giveaways and author interviews if you are interested.

If you are interested in sending me a review request please contact me at xxsquigglesxx(at)Gmail(dot)com. If you do not receive a response from me, it means I am not interested in reviewing your book at this time.

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