Monday, April 20, 2015

Product Review - Argan Oil

goPURE Naturals

I was recently given the opportunity to try out and review Organic Argan Oil from a company called goPURE Naturals

I had never used Argan oil before, but had heard that it had so many wonderful uses. 

Some of it's uses include:

Dry Skin
Split Ends
Frizzy Hair
Reduce Wrinkles
Reduce Acne
Brittle Nails
Cracked Feet
Dry, Cracked Lips
And So Much More!

I have personally been using the Argan Oil for my nails. I have soft mushy nails that tend to bend a lot. I have been rubbing the Argan Oil into my nails and cuticles every day and I have definitely noticed a difference. My nails are a lot stronger and they don't bend as often. I've also been rubbing small amounts of the Argan Oil into my lips and I love the way it has been making them feel - soft and smooth.

I can't wait to continue using my Argan Oil and discovering everything it can do for me! If you've been curious about it, I recommend giving it a chance and seeing what it can do for you.

Disclosure: I received a bottle of Argan Oil from goPURE Naturals for my honest review. I have not been influenced in any way and all opinions are my own.

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