Friday, October 5, 2012

Lies Beneath Review


TITLE: Lies Beneath
AUTHOR: Anne Greenwood Brown
PUBLISHER: Delacorte Press (Random House)
PAGES: 320
MY RATING: 3.5/5

BACK COVER SUMMARY **Has spoilery tendencies** :  Calder White lives in the cold, clear waters of Lake Superior, the only brother in a family of murderous mermaids. To survive, Calder and his sisters must prey on humans and absorb their positive energy. Usually, they select their victims at random, but this time around, the underwater clan chooses its target for a reason: revenge. They want to kill Jason Hancock, the man they blame for their mother's death.

It's going to take a concerted effort to lure the aquaphobic Hancock onto the water. Calder's job is to gain Hancock's trust by getting close to the family. Relying on his irresistible good looks and charm, Calder sets out to seduce Hancock's daughter Lily. Easy enough, but Calder screws everything up by falling in love - just as Lily starts to suspect there's more to the monster-in-the-lake legends than she ever imagines, and just as the mermaids threaten to take matters into their own hands, forcing Calder to choose between them and the girl he loves.

One thing's for sure: whatever Calder decides, the outcome won't be pretty.

OVERALL IMPRESSION: I liked the story line. I would have liked to hear a little more about the legends that thad been passed thorough the town though. I'm really interested in legends that seem to make their way through small towns and I would have liked to see the comparison of those legends versus the truth of this book. The ending of the story was brilliant - I was not expecting what happened.

CHARACTERS: I didn't feel a huge connection to any of the characters. I thought Sophie was cute and sweet, but I didn't feel like I knew enough about any of the characters. I almost felt a bond with Calder, but it wasn't quite there.

I would have loved to know more about Lily's mother and what she was dealing with.

COVER: I like the cover, but I'm still confused as to why there is a female mermaid on the cover when the main character is a male. Maybe it is supposed to be one of Calder's sisters, but it doesn't make much sense to me.
*I received an ARC copy of this book through Amazon Vine for review.

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