Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Diary

TITLE: The Diary (Large Print Edition)

AUTHOR: Eileen Goudge

PAGES: 310

MY RATING: (3.5 out of 5)
INSIDE COVER BLURB: A bestselling author known for her storytelling prowess, "Goudge's characters leap from the page ready to engage readers" (The Denver Rocky Mountain News), and never more so than in The Diary, that begins when two sisters searching in their mother's attic are given the shock of their lives...
Elizabeth Marshall's grown daughters had no idea their mother's old diary would turn the image of their parent's happy marriage upside down. For upon reading the opening pages, they learn that the love of their mother's life was not their father! And the desperate-to-know answers to their questions reside with Elizabeth who, after a massive stroke, lies mute and near death in a nursing home. Will pages of her diary provide the truth they seek?
MY REVIEW: I had a good time reading this book. It seemed like a really fast read for me because I have never read a large print edition before, so it felt like I was flipping through the pages pretty fast, but then I guess I would have been even if it wasn't a large print book. The story line was very intriguing and kept you wondering what was going to happen next in the mother's diary and how her two daughters were going to react to it. Reading this book reminds you that everyone has a past, even your own parents. It makes me wonder about the past experiences of my parents before they met.

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