Monday, August 29, 2011

Colin Preston Rocked and Rolled by Bert Murray

TITLE: Colin Preston Rocked and Rolled

AUTHOR: Bert Murray

PUBLISHER: Davanna Books

PAGES: 251 


SUMMARY (FROM GOODREADS): It's September 1985 in the bosky precincts of Elerby University (though it conveys the intimacy of a small liberal arts college) in upstate New York. Colin is entering his sophomore year with a lousy love life and a lousy relationship with his father, but he does have a good friend in Karl (a handsome natural athlete who has a way with women) and in the Beatles—"when you love a band so much that its songs fill the empty spaces inside your head and heart." But along comes Jasmine, a serious dish with lips like butter, who really gets inside Colin's head and steals his heart.

OVERALL IMPRESSION: Overall, this was an enjoyable book. I've read better books, but I've also read worse books. It was a fairly quick read about a high school student and was pretty much what I expected it to be. The storyline was basically just a telling of a year of Collin's life in college; how he falls for a girl and what happens to his relationship and how that affects other parts of his life.

CHARACTERS: The main character, Colin, is pretty much a typical college guy. Then there's Colin's best friend Karl. I did not like him from the beginning. he's pushy, not supportive, and cocky. Colin's girlfriend Jasmine seems a little bit off to me. She has these crazy mood swings and appears to me like she might be slightly bipolar. Chester was the most interesting character in the book to me. I wish we had a little more interaction with him. He was entertaining and I wanted to learn more about his story. The only character that Colin is able to count on is one of his teachers, Mrs. Vesquez. She seems to be the only character in the book who truly cares about what happens to Colin and tries to help him by giving him good advice.

COVER: I like the cover. It makes me feel happy and makes me want to lay in the grass and pick out all the shapes in the clouds. :)

*I was sent a copy of this book by the author for review.

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